The exhibit is in Italian.

MUMBLE! Matematica a fumetti

Polo Beato Pellegrino – (entrance via Beato Pellegrino 28 or via Vendramini 13)
May 3rd – June 4th 2022, 9am-7pm, Monday to Saturday

From graphic novels to strips, mathematics and mathematicians have recently been at the center of comics.
This artistic expression is in fact increasingly considered, as it conveys at the same time graphic and narrative contents, and it is able to vary from the most playful and childish (comics for children) to the most abstract and conceptual (the modern graphic novels, with their great variety of topics). It therefore allows an excellent realization for mathematical dissemination.
The aim of this initiative is to show the recent use of comics in the communication of mathematical content or illustrations of mathematical life. As examples of contributions, Mickey’s strip on Figalli, the graphic novel on Galileo, the stories of mathematicians appeared in the magazine “Archimede”.

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